As we travel with our kids, we’ll be sharing our holistic learning experiences with place-based curriculum.

Too often in our lives, we fall into the trap of compartmentalization: everything fits into its own little cubbyhole of meaning and importance. The world we live in, though, connects to itself in limitless ways. A visit to a pioneer cabin can reveal lessons in history, biology, and geography and can offer opportunities for writing, drawing, and film making. A bicycling excursion can turn into a day of learning about geometry, physics, and nutrition.

In order maximize every opportunity and to reinforce the idea of being a life-long learner, we will be developing curriculum for locations we visit. While developing curriculum is not a new experience for Scott, homeschooling is a new adventure for our family.

We have lots of ideas for families who are in traditional school as well as for those homeschooling on holistic curriculum. As we develop those ideas, we’d love feedback!