marbleized pumpkins

Creating Colorful Halloween Pumpkins

Marbleizing pumpkins was a fun project – not too messy, better results than expected, and easy clean up. Sometimes when you try to recreate a crafty project you have seen online, the results are a disastrous waste of materials and you realize that there must have been a ton of “practice tries” before the expert posted the masterpiece example online. With this project, that was not the case! We felt like our results were not perfect, but they weren’t too far off of what we had seen online. Marbleizing pumpkins with nail polish was not a disappointing exercise, but actually held up its end of the bargain on all the fun it promised to be!



We used an old (relatively clean) pizza box, a handful of paper towels, a wooden skewer, old and new (very cheap) nail polish, a $1 plastic container (disposable), and a few of the baby-sized white pumpkins. We intended to do the project outside since we had been warned that the fumes were strong, but it was a rainy day, so we ended up in the sunroom with the windows cracked. Our sunroom has a door, so that blocked the smell from filling the entire house. (Note: Nail polish has a really strong smell, so if at all possible, you really will want to do this outside.)

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Getting Good Coverage by the Nail Polish

We noticed that the faster we poured, stirred and dipped, the better our results were. If we took too long adding too many colors, then our nail polish started drying and it didn’t cover the pumpkin as smoothly. We also noticed that the cheaper nail polish gave us much better coverage as well. We used a wooden skewer for gently stirring, but only for the first few. We felt like too much paint was sticking to the skewer, so for the second half of our efforts, we didn’t even bother with stirring and we couldn’t tell the difference in the final results of our marbleized pumpkins.


This project uses a lot of the nail polish, but at our house, it just collects on a shelf, so we were glad to finally use it! We were at the point of being so inspired that we were ready to start marbleizing everything we could get our hands on…so we decided that it was time to take a break from the strong fumes.


Nail Polish Clean Up

You probably want to keep some nail polish remover on hand, just in case a tiny bit of color ends up on your phone as you are taking photos… Let everything dry and throw away the cardboard box – easy!

Marbleized Pumpkins
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