The Track in Pigeon Forge, TN.

All About Prepositions

Our study of grammar has recently moved into prepositions, and I wanted a way to help the kids visualize the concepts while writing something relevant to our lives. Both Audrey and Finnian contribute regularly to our posts, so the opportunity to build a better understanding of prepositions while doing so seemed ideal to our overall approach to homeschooling. An assignment for The Track in Pigeon Forge, then, was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Gaining a firmer grasp of a grammar concept while speeding down a track on a sunny afternoon? Sign me up!

We had focused our attention on the function of prepositions, so we had talked about the ways that they show relationships between nouns. We discussed location, direction, time, and the more abstract relationships (how can you show or define “of”?). Before we headed out for our day of adventure, we reviewed the concepts. I then gave the kids an assignment: consider all the prepositions at work as we walk through The Track, ride on the go-karts, look at the rides, and play with the arcade games.

We captured several hundred images during the hours that we were there. These pictures served as memory prompts and visual cues for the preposition sentences. A couple of days after we had returned home, we again reviewed the prepositions, this time choosing several to include in our writing. You’ll see below the sentences written by both Audrey and Finnian. They appear as captions to the photos.

I’d judge the day as a success. We got to spend some time on exciting rides on what might be the last warm day of the year, all while reinforcing a crucial grammatical concept.

Audrey’s Prepositions

Prepositions bumper cars
After a snack in the parking-lot, we crashed bumper cars near the river.
Prepositions at The Track: Noah's Ark
The Noah’s Ark ride is under a rainbow and beside the Rookie Karts.
Prepositions at The Track: leopard
Upon the entrance to the mini golf course, a leopard lurks.
Prepositions at The Track: bumper boats
Everyone in my family rode the bumper boats except my mom.
Prepositions at The Track: bumper car charge
In the bumper cars while I charged at Dad, Finnian knocked me from behind.
Prepositions at The Track: Spinny Cups
When I got off the Spinny Cups I was very dizzy.
Prepositions at The Track: before the race
Before the Go Kart race I buckled into my kart for safety.
Prepositions at The Track: mini-golf cave
In the mini golf course we walked through cool caves.
Prepositions at The Track: in the arcade
In the arcade we sauntered around the room and played the games.
Prepositions at The Track: with big smiles
After a day of fun we went home with big smiles.

Finnian’s Prepositions

Prepositions at The Track: on Wild Woody
We drove in circles on the wild woody go kart track.
Prepositions at The Track: across the pavement
I drove across the pavement on the rookie track.
Prepositions at The Track: bungee jump
Mom and I went down the stairs, through the arcade, and over the bungee jump.
Prepositions at The Track: bumper boat squirter
The water squirter for bumper boats is beside the rails.
Prepositions at The Track: Wild Woody looks over
The Wild Woody looks over the whole area.
Prepositions at The Track: aboard the bumper boats
At the bumper/squirter boats, I climbed aboard a bumper boat and squirted my sister and my dad.
Prepositions at The Track: inside the arcade
Inside the arcade there are lots of bright lights and fun games.
Prepositions at The Track: animals on the course
At the mini-golf course there are statues of animals that would live on the African savannah because the course is based on that theme.
Prepositions at The Track: on Noah's Ark
On the Noah’s Ark ride kids get rocked back and forth.
Prepositions at The Track: after The Track
After all the go-kart rides, it was time to go home from The Track.


Prepositions at The Track in Pigeon Forge
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